About Us

Nutrition Expo is an annual event held by the Nutrition Department, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia. Since 2010, Nutrition Expo has successfully integrated nutrition values to each of the events. This event involves senior high school students, university students (bachelor, master, and doctoral degree), clinicians, academicians, health workforces, and the community as a whole. At the previous event, more than 500 people were involved. Reflecting from the previous event and recognizing the valuable purpose of this event, we proudly present the 14th Nutrition Expo (NE 2024). This year, Nutrition Expo 14 is raising "Empowerment through Nutrition: Building an Anemia-Free Future" as our grand theme hoping to uphold nutrition values in taking care of our health and the health of next generations ahead, giving them a chance to live a better life, as well as taking part in eliminating malnutrition and anemia by involving more participants. Therefore, together, we wish for an Anemia-Free Future, especially in Indonesia.


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